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In few countries, the international passport or international license for travel abroad is a second passport, in inclusion to the intramural passport, needed for a citizen to travel abroad within the country of house. Find a local passport recognition facility – This can be a post office, some public libraries or clerk of court office.
To apply for a car driving license application or international drivers license (category B), the aspirant must be 18 years old. They must first be present first aid courses, and successfully pass an eyesight test. Passing a theory exam is required to obtain a learner’s consent valid for two years.
Foreign nationals living in the United States cannot work unless they have accepted explicit approval under the terms of their visa or other status, or have independently applied for and accepted an  international driving permit. A work permit is a photo identity card released by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)


Glob Documents is a one-stop destination to buy real passport online, buy driving license, international driver license online, genuine international driving permit, certificate of naturalization and international driver license online for over 50 countries. Our team of globally recognized document experts is committed to cater to your varied registered and novelty driver license document needs and deliver a superior customer experience.


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If you want excellent and high-quality travel, identification and citizenship services, Glob Documents is your go-to. We are sheer professionals having ample of experience in industry- we can produce authentic documents as well as counterfeit documents that have all the secret features of a real document or real passport online.

When we produce real documents, we provide our clients with a verification diskette that can be used to check if the document is genuine and valid.
Glob Documents’ IT professionals and database technicians are equipped with sought-after expertise that makes obtaining important legal documents a cakewalk.
We use genuine sophisticated materials which government uses to produce registered and novelty document for our clients.
We understand the power of data, and its security is important to us. 100% security is guaranteed to our clients- we keep your data safe & encrypted, always.

Real or Registered Documents Services

Our pro team specializes in producing genuine, database registered passports, resident permits, licenses, Green cards and real passport online, other documents that can be used legally. These documents pass all airport scans and data-check machines without any problem. We work with insiders from top 50 embassies across the world- we get our client’s information processed from within and get all things authenticated in the supposed database system. For instance, if you are looking a way to get USA passport, we’ll register your biometric information and personal details in the US central database system under government recognition. When checked by authorities, the information will show up and document will be well-accepted.

International Driving Permit Services

Highly skilled corporate professionals, as well as several aspiring individuals seeking immigration opportunities abroad are always on the lookout for the international driving permit services. Glob Documents specialists provide up-to-date information and solutions to help you get your international license issued by ministry of foreign affairs. Our experts are always updated about the rigorous entry requirements, procedures, and extensive immigration rules, thus ready to consult you with regard to relocating overseas, studying and volunteering. We will get approvals from respective authorities and buy USA drivers license, buy real passport online, get for you work visas, student visas, volunteer visas, intern visas, or research visas to aid you steer towards the path of success.

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I wanted to get a foreign or buy driving licence that will last for lifetime, and Glob Documents did that for me. Very impressed with their high-quality international driver license online services and faster turnarounds!
J. David, Texas, USA
Glob Documents is my saviour! I lost my passport few days back and didn’t know what to do. Then I stumbled upon this website and they helped me recover my loss. Thanks a ton mates, very satisfied with your international driving permit services!
Jacob Green, Oakville, Canada
Glob Documents offers quick and extremely dependable services. Their team gave professional and active assistance to help me get my UK, international drivers license in a jiffy. Highly recommended!
Emily, Boston, US

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